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Our DIY star-mural stencil guides are the Absolute, Easiest and Best way for you to enjoy the mostRealistic star-ceiling in your home without having Night Sky Murals come out and paint it for you.

After close to 10 years working on the best way to allow DIY’ers  to easily create their own amazing star-ceiling… we’ve done it. Introducing our Night Sky Murals DIY stencil guide

And not only will you paint one of the most beautiful night skies on your ceiling (on your first try), but you'll save thousands of dollars at the same time versus having Night Sky Murals paint it for you. And… you can reuse it multiple times.

Just look at how fun these DIY Kits can be for the entire family...

3 Benefits of our Kits

  • The stencils can be used on Any Size ceiling

  • They’re Easy to use for people of almost any age

  • Solid Value for the money
  • 3 more Benefits

  • Paint multiple rooms with the kit (just get more paint if needed)

  • Makes a Fun Family Project
  • Makes a Great Gift for someone (either the kit, or a painting)
  • Yep! 3 more Benefits

  • Relax like never before

  • Insomnia? Forget counting sheep…

    - We Supply The Kit...

    - You Take All The Glory! 

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    Full-Ceiling Kit - Use this kit to paint amazingly realistic murals of the night sky on any size ceiling. Really! We'll send you both written and video instructions to help you get the best mural possible. 

    Paint one ceiling - Paint multiple ceilings - You decide

    That's right, you decide how many ceilings you want to paint. As long as you aren’t super rough on the stencil sheets you will be able to paint multiple ceilings.

    We’ve had customers paint 4 and 5 ceilings. It’s up to you. And, if you have an idea of how many full ceilings you’d like to paint, we can help you figure out if you need to get more paint when you place your order. If you get it when you order your Kit, then we can add the paint to the kit and not have to charge any additional shipping.

    After the first ceiling… the rest will take about half the time. That’s because you’ll be a pro. 

    << Everything you'll need is in the kit >>

    ONLY $245 (additional paint is $25/jar)

    The kits include everything listed above and the shipping is on us (That's right, it's FREE) to addresses in the USA and only $25 outside of the USA! 



    After we launched…

    After we launched our Full-Ceiling DIY Kits, we started getting requests for smaller options that they could use to paint additional rooms. That got us thinking. After brainstorming for a while, we come up with 4 add-ons that people could use that would be both easy and unique. 

    All you need to do with these smaller stencils is…

    * Put it up on the ceiling

    * Paint the mural

    * Remove the stencil from the ceiling

    * Enjoy the mural


    So, what are the 4 add-ons? 

    *   4’x4’ Square  (1 sheet)

    *   4’ Diam. Circle  (1 sheet)

    *   4’x5’ Rectangle  (1 sheet)

    *   7’ Diam. Circle  (2 sheets)


    These “skylight” murals (mini-murals) usually go right over a bed, or in a central location in a home Theater, or over a bathtub. They are great because if you want to only paint one or two full ceilings with the main kit, you can get one or two of these “skylight” stencils and paint additional rooms much quicker. 


    Trust us… once members of the family see the full ceiling mural, they’re all going to want a star ceiling too. The “Skylight” mini-murals are a great option to get them their star ceiling, but you won’t kill yourself painting the entire house. You’re welcome! 


    Tell your neighbors at your own risk.



    You And Your Family Will Discover Many New Ways To Relax

    Optional Add-Ons - 

    Some customers want to paint an entire ceiling in every room of the house, and that's awesome! We love to hear that. But, there are others who want to paint the entire ceiling in some rooms, but then do a beautiful, yet smaller version in other rooms. That's a great plan... and our Mini Skylight Add-On options are a great way to allow you to do just that. 

    - Three out of the four options that you see below are each on just one large stencil

    - The 7' circle is on two easy-to-handle sheets.

    Painting these mini-murals couldn't be easier. 

       * Put on the ceiling

       * Paint where you see a hole

       * Remove the stencil guide

       * Enjoy!


    4 Foot Diameter Circle

    This is what the 4 foot circle will look like in the dark. This mural shouldn't take you very long to paint and it'd look great above a bed, a bathtub, or any room, really. 

    It's a simple design, yet beautiful in it's simplicity once it's glowing at night. 


    4 Foot Square 

    Just like our 4' circle, the 4 foot square is a great option to have a mural in all the rooms of your house without having to paint the entire ceiling. This 4' square "skylight" mural is designed so it looks like there are 9 smaller squares that make up the larger 4' square.

    The constellation Cassiopeia can be found in this stencil guide.


    4x5 Foot Rectangle

    Want something slightly larger than the 4 foot circle or the 4 foot square, but not too much larger? Perfect, we have a 4x5 foot rectangle that is slightly larger, but still a piece of cake to paint. 

    This rectangle is made up of 4 smaller rectangles and it includes the Big and Little Dippers.  


    7 foot Diameter Circle

    (The only "skylight" mini-mural to come in 2 pieces)

    This is the largest of our "Skylight" sized mini-murals. It's a large 7 feet in diameter. That may not sound like much, but this would fit nicely over a King-size bed, or a family room, home theater (assuming you don't want the full ceiling painted in there), or pretty much any other room. This is a beautiful mural when it's glowing overhead. 

    This mural has the constellation Leo in it.


    Purchase a DIY KIT and

    Get 3 FREE Bonuses!

    Our DIY Kits were designed, using my 20+ years of experience in painting only star ceilings, so that YOU can paint a Smokin’ Hot star-ceiling on your ceiling... on your first try.  Plus, when you order one of our Kits you’ll get one of these 3 exclusive bonuses! 


    Bonus #1

    How to Paint the Milky Way



    I take you step-by-step through the process of painting the Milky Way in your mural. It took me over 5 years to finally get up the nerves to paint my first one because I had nobody around to teach me.


    Bonus #2 

    How to Paint a Shooting Star



    Shooting stars are fun and super easy to add to your mural... if you know what you're doing. For thoe of you who want to add a shooting star or two to your mural, this How-To video is for you. 


    Bonus #3 

    How to Paint a Crescent Moon


    Another beautiful addition to any star-ceiling

    One of the most beautiful sights in the sky is a crescent moon. I just love looking at that little sliver in the sky when it's only one or two days old. It's beautiful. With this bonus, I'll show you how to add that beautiful crescent moon to your mural too. You'll be happy you added it!

    >> Most "star-mural painters" don't even know how to do these right <<

    Our DIY Kits were designed, using my 20+ years of experience in painting only star ceilings, in our DIY Kits and with these 3 bonuses! 



    What they say...


    Customer in Texas



    How can I ever thank you for the truly wonderful DIY star kit that you have created? I am dumbfounded at the quality mural my husband and I just painted. We ordered your kit on a whim, not really expecting much. Well, were we ever wrong. We just finished painting a work of art and we only have you to thank. In the words of my husband, “Wow!”

    Thank you so much!




    The kit is , and the results that I am getting thus far are amazing to my hubby and me.  

    You are making me look very good for my hubby. He is quite impressed with the mural I am painting.

    I am sort of wishing I had picked up the black light flashlight, and not just the tube black light, to make it easier, and lighter, to double check where I’ve already painted my stars.



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