“To produce an easy to use stencil, one that will create a very realistic night sky, the best night sky stencil available.” (Jeff Stewart, Founder of Night Sky Murals and Night Sky Stencils)

Now… the team.

Jeff Stewart
What can we tell you about Jeff Stewart? One thing that we can tell you, for sure, is that Jeff wears lots of different hats in his company. He will, from time to time, hire people to help him out when things get really busy, but he really does need to let others wear some of those hats permanently. Some people are really stubborn that way.

Jeff Stewart created his Night Sky Murals DIY Stencil Kits after [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”] being asked by hundreds of people, over about a 15 year period of time, to come up with a way for them to be able to paint their own night sky. He was hesitant at first because, in his mind, that would take business away from what his main business is... painting murals of the night sky. Now, that wouldn't be so bad for most artists, who have actual artistic talent and can do lots of different things... but Jeff has pretty much zero artistic talent. So, you see the dilemma, right?

Actually, there were a few different stencil kit options on the market that Jeff would point people to... but they were only slightly better than the sticker star option that has been available for years, so the pleas continued to roll in. Then one day Jeff mentioned the stencil requests to a friend of his who asked him why he didn't do one? He went through the "loss of business" excuse which his friend didn't buy, then a few other excuses, all of which fell on deaf ears... until finally Jeff was out of any "good" reasons not to come up with a good stencil kit. Now, his friend not only encouraged Jeff to design the kit, but he was there, throughout the 10 years it took to get it from concept to production (it took 10 years mainly because Jeff was traveling around the world painting his Night Sky Murals).

The stencils are now complete and Jeff can't thank all of the people who pled with him over the years to make them, and also to his friend and family who also encouraged him and supported him along the way.[/read]
Chief Stencil Designer
It only took Jeff 10 years to go from start to finish on designing the current set of stencils... but we must admit that the wait was worth it. The stencils are amazing and we can't thank him enough for doing such a nice job. He was able to accomplish the task that he set for himself of designing the most mind blowing set of stencils available anywhere... because of the vast knowledge he has obtained by painting thousands of starry-night murals for people around the world. With what he learned from painting so many murals, Jeff was able to create stencils that allow the DIYer to paint their own murals... on the very first try! Amazing!
J Stewart
J likes to head out with Jeff S (the Outdoor researcher) to explore the outdoors and stare into the dark night skies... which might have something to do with nobody every hearing about our stencils. One of these days we'll tie him into his desk and force him to do some marketing. Wish us luck with that.
Jeff S
Outdoor Researcher
Jeff loves the outdoors and especially when it means a dark location at a time when there will be no moon... or maybe just tiny Crescent moon. He loves to sit under a night sky that only a very remote location can provide, and stare up into the heavens and just let his mind wander.
Customer Service
He's always here and ready to listen to customer complaints... which is probably why he's so bored. Please call him, even if you have to make something up. He has the loneliest job of all. Or, if you don't have a complaint, then he'd be happy to hear any suggestions that you might have on improving our stencils.



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