How to paint a star ceiling… Simple tips from an experienced night sky painter.

beautiful night sky

How sweet is this view?

Go on… tell me you wouldn’t just love to drift off to sleep under a scene like this on a nightly basis.

Sleeping under the stars can certainly be awe inspiring, romantic, or an amazingly peaceful and relaxing experience… but annoying things can also get in the way too. Things like the distance you’d need to travel to get to that perfect location, timing it just right so a bright moon doesn’t rain down loads of light into an otherwise perfect night sky, then there’s rain, cold and so many kinds of insects, both flying and crawling, that can definitely put a damper on the experience.

But, fret not… there’s a way that you can enjoy a beautiful star-filled night sky, every night if you’d like, and avoid



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A Tale of Two Customers

There was a customer who did, there was a customer who didn’t. To the customer who did… all the difference was made.

What do I mean? Here, let me explain…

Customer #1 Black FaceCustomer #1 

Customer #1 got excited when he found my night sky DIY stencil guide kit. He called me up, asked some good questions, also got a price for ME to paint a mural for him, then decided that ordering a DIY kit was easier on his budget. He was excited. You see, his girlfriend’s birthday was coming up and he wanted to give her the universe… or at least a small part of it.

I sent the kit out to him right away and was I excited to hear back from him on how it went, and how his girlfriend had liked it. Instead of contacting me,  he started posting negative things all over the Internet, saying

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