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Night Sky Painting… Easy with our DIY kits!



Welcome to the Night Sky Murals, DIY, KIT page

Save, literally, thousands of dollars by painting your own night sky mural yourself versus having Jeff paint your ceiling for you. Plus, when you use our stencils (even on the first try)... the mural that you paint will be lightyears better than most other "star ceiling" painters can do.

Don't let them practice on your ceiling and charge you hundreds of dollars. Do multiple rooms yourself that are actually much more realistic. 

If you wouldn't get amazing results by using my DIY Kit I would not be offering them for sale.

Night Sky Murals DIY stencil painting kit

The paint in the kits is the same paint that Jeff uses when he paints murals for his customers, and he designed the stencil guides to the same high standards that he holds his own murals to.

Night Sky Painting made easy...

Our DIY stencil painting kits are the Absolute Best way for you to enjoy the Most Realistic night sky mural on your ceiling, without having Night Sky Murals paint it for you.

After close to 10 years working on a way to allow the DIY’er to create their own amazing night sky mural… we’ve done it. Introducing our Signature Night Sky Murals, DIY, Stencil guide, Kits.

A quick clarification: I call the kits a DIY "stencil" kit, but they are more of a guide than a stencil. Sure, they look like stencils, but you don't roll paint over the holes or dab it on with a stencil dabber. We have special tools that you use to place stars in the center of the hole instead of filling it up. The holes are a guide to help you place the stars exactly where they should be so that your mural looks real. 

I made these 2 videos for a customer years ago, but they show how easy the kit is to use. 

(And, sorry, but I have zero personality in my voice!)

3 Benefits

  • The stencils can be used on Any size ceiling.
  • They’re Easy to use for people of almost any age.
  • Solid Value for the money.

3 Additional Benefits!

  • Paint multiple rooms with the kit (just get more paint if needed).
  • Makes a Fun Family Project
  • Makes a Great Gift for someone (either the kit, or a painting)

Yep! 3 More Benefits

  • Relax like never before
  • Insomnia? Forget counting sheep. Looking deep into space is way better.

"Full-Ceiling" Kit Contents & Price

Paint one ceiling - Paint multiple ceilings - You decide.

Everything you'll need...

- Constellation Stencil Guides

- 3D Stencil Guides for painting thousands of the smaller stars

- Glow Paint - Enough to Paint 175sf - 250sf of ceiling.

- Reuse on multiple ceilings

- Instructions - Both written and video

FREE  Bonus video instructions for painting the Milky Way ($350 Value)

FREE  Bonus video instructions for painting the shooting stars and a crescent moon. ($45 Value/each)

- FREE  Bonus Video instructions for painting a comet. (These have been more popular since we've had a couple comets pass recently. $75 value) 

- Works on ANY size ceiling.

ONLY $245

(includes everything listed above and WE PAY THE SHIPPING to addresses in the USA.   Outside of the USA shipping is only $25 for First Class shipping. (If you'd like FedEx or UPS please ask about any cost differences)

We'll send you an Invoice after you fill out the form.

Payments are processed through PayPal.

You Do NOT need your own account

4 NEW "SKYLIGHT" STENCIL GUIDES... are finished and ready for purchase. "Skylight" refers to their size (4' diameter circle, 4' square, 4'x5' rectangle & 7' diameter circle). These stencil kits are easier and quicker to paint. For now, they are only available as an add-on to the full-ceiling kits. If you're interested in one or more of these "skylight" stencils

The 4 "Skylight" Options

Mini murals

The 4x5 mini "skylight" mural on a customer's ceiling 

Mini-mural on ceiling

The kit is very easy to use, and the result that I am getting thus far is amazing to my hubby and me. You are making me look good for my hubby, Jeff, he is quite impressed with it.


How can I ever thank you for the truely wonderful DIY star kit that you've created? I am dumbfounded at the quality mural my husband and I just finished painting.

We ordered your kit on a whim, not really expecting much. Well, were we ever wrong! We just finished painting a work of art and we have only you to thank. In the words of my husband, "Wow!" Thank you so much.


(a little backstory: Barbara was sooo nervous about painting a mural on her own.  It took her about a month to finally decide to go for it)

Everything you’ll need to paint an incredible star-ceiling, better than most professionals can paint, is in this DIY stencil kit.

And, you’ll paint do it on your very first try!

Below are a couple of murals that were painted with our Night Sky Murals, DIY, Stencil Kit

[twentytwenty] Night Sky Murals DIY stencil ceiling - no stars Night Sky Murals DIY stencil ceiling - with stars [/twentytwenty]

[twentytwenty] Night Sky DIY Stenciled-ceiling---before Night Sky DIY Stenciled-ceiling---after [/twentytwenty]

Dad, this is so much better than anything I'd hoped for. I never thought it would look so real."

It's like you took the ceiling off of my room. I love this so much. You know, if feels just like we're up north at the cabin. 

Jeff, we got our kit today! I am actually happy to see that it has simple tools. So often "simple" works so well.

My 9 year-old was instantly lost in space and fell asleep within 3 minutes.

OK… Are you ready to get started?

  • Are you ready to slip under your covers and drift off to sleep under your very own, private, night sky?
  • In your Home Theater… are you ready for stars, not only on the screen, but overhead too?
  • Are you ready to be amazed at the beautiful night sky you’ll be able to paint… on your very first try?
  • Then, it’s super simple from here.
  • Here’s what you do to get your Night Sky DIY kit on it’s way to you…

    It's easy... Just follow the steps below (It should be self-explanatory once you're on the form)


    1. Click the "Buy it Now" button (below) to be taken to our “Contact Us” page where you'll fill out the form to order.
    1. Click the "Buy it Now" button (below) to be taken to our “Contact Us” page where you'll fill out the form to order.
    1. Once there, start filling in your contact information 
    1. When you get to the “My Current Interest” section, click “Ready to Buy – Let’s Do This!”
    1. Will you be painting multiple rooms, or one huge room? If so, then you can order extra paint there too (for most people, the paint that is included is enough for a few rooms)
    1. Click on “Where should we send your stencil?” Enter your address.
    1. Enter any message you’d like next.
    1. I’ll send you out a PayPal Invoice
    1. Once the Invoice is paid… your DIY Kit will be on its way!
    1. I email the Instructions when I send the kit. That way, you can have a couple of days to look them over and be ready to go once it arrives.

Well, that’s pretty much it. So, if you’re ready to get started… then I can’t wait to hear from you!

Jeff, we really wanted you to come out and paint our ceiling for us, but we just couldn’t. We were so excited when we saw that your DIY kits were ready. I cannot tell you how thrilled we are with the end results. I can’t imagine a mural any nicer than what we painted. Our friends came over to see our masterpiece and thought that we were kidding; that we didn’t really paint the mural, because they know that we are not artistic in the least.

Thank you so much for creating this. This really is the only way we could ever have a Night Sky Mural in our home. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!”

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