I got three separate emails from this customer…

Hi Jeff! Hey, the stencils were waiting for me when I got home. Opened it, read the instructions, and I’m ready to get started!

Hi Jeff! I started painting the mural a couple nights ago. What was I thinking when I thought that I could do my ceiling in one shot? I’ve started the Motrin. How do you do it?

Hi Jeff! Wow, was that ever worth it! It took a few nights, and a few doses of Motrin to finish the mural, but it was so worth everything. Thanks so much!

Jeff, I want to tell you now that my fingers were crossed from the time that I bit the bullet and ordered your DIY night sky painting kit, until I finished painting the mural. I can now say that that was all in vain. Holy cow did you ever hit it out of the park with this kit. From my wife, my two children and myself, please accept our sincere thank you for such an amazing product. I know you must hear that a lot, but we just had to tell you ourselves.

Before I sign off I just have to tell you what happened when we brought the kids in to see the mural that my wife and I painted. We have two daughters, ages 9 and 12. I charged up the stars while my wife went and got the girls to come and see the mural. She had them close their eyes and then walked them into the room and sat them on the bed. With the room totally dark, we told them to open their eyes. My 9 year old screamed with joy, but my 12 year old was quiet. I was worried that she didn’t like it, so I asked her if there was something wrong. She just slid over next to me and put her arms around my neck, and that’s when I heard her sobbing. I asked her what was wrong? In a muffled tone, she said, “Nothing, Daddy. This is just so real and I can’t believe that you and mom painted it for us.”

I guess that, in this case, thank you isn’t nearly enough.


How can I ever thank you for the truly wonderful DIY star kit that you have created? I am dumbfounded at the quality mural my husband and I just painted. We ordered your kit on a whim, not really expecting much. Well, were we ever wrong. We just finished painting a work of art and we only have you to thank. In the words of my husband, “Wow!”

Thank you so much!


Never in my wildest dreams would I ever think that I could pull off a ceiling mural like I just painted. Never.

As you know, we were switching kids around to different rooms and we promised them that we would do something special in each of their rooms. Well, one of my kids wanted a space theme in his room. After an exhaustive research, we found you and your murals. Well, they were a little out of our range, as we were having to do something “special” in three kid’s rooms.

We ended up ordering your kit for our son and I have to say that the kit, while very nice, didn’t look like much. Boy were we surprised.

Just last weekend, the kids, my husband and I all gathered in my son’s room to paint his ceiling mural. What blast we had. Everyone pitched in and helped in one way or another and we had a great weekend painting together.

Well, let me tell you. Your stencil may not have looked like much, but it turned out to be way more than we’d ever expected. The mural that those sheets of paper turned out were unbelievable! Seriously, the night sky that we painted was beyond amazing and all we could do, once we finished, was sit there in awe.

I have to tell you something funny. My son’s room was the first room that we did something “special” to, and guess what? Both my other son and my daughter want the night sky painted in their room too. So, your stencil just saved us a boat load of money since we can just use it again in their rooms. Sure, we need another jar of paint, but that’s a small price to pay for what we will produce with it.

Can you believe that my skeptic husband now wants to paint a mural in our master bedroom too? All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. The value that we got from only one mural was way more than we paid, but after we paint two more kids rooms and our master bedroom, we are in your debt.

I just reviewed the kit after opening it, and it’s pretty cool how you made up the kit. The stencils are a great size, and packaged really well. I’m really looking forward to painting with this kit. Thanks!

I just finished painting our master bedroom with your DIY, stencil painting kit. I will say that without the stencils, I’m 100% certain the outcome would have sucked. I’ve free-handed a little in my little girls room just playing around, so I know first hand what a sucky job I would have done. Having the proper spacing and natural looking grouping makes it realistic, and the stencils make this easy.


So I finally got started on the background stars today (I kept getting put off for different reasons, lazy being one of them), and I’ve gotta say… I don’t envy your work, Jeff. It’s not that it’s difficult (not that my quality is even a tiny fraction of your work mind you), but it’s laborious. Made worse in my case by the fact that I’ve got 2 ceiling fans, a projector mount, and 2 air vents to work with. But I have to say, even with the cheapie Walmart blacklight fixture, my ceiling looks utterly amazing. I’m trying not to get reckless, so it’s taking about 25 minutes per sheet.

I love having people over to see my theater, and the cherry on top… my night sky mural that I painted myself. Nobody can believe that I painted it.And, after a few minutes of total darkness, people say things like: “Gosh, there are thousands of stars!” “They’re twinkling…how can they be twinkling?” The tone of the commentary suggests my friends were really enjoying the illusion and could barely believe what they were seeing.

Well, why shouldn’t others react in that way…truth is, I reacted the same way on first seeing the finished mural. Even beyond the initial exposure, though, the night sky simulation continues to be cool and fun. The sensory illusion of a canopy of stars above you is captivating each time you renew the experience.


I’ve gotta say that this is the 1st time I have ever seen this effect period. I have friends who had someone, a “professional” come in and paint their ceiling for them, which I thought was kind of nice. But after seeing what your DIY stencil helped me to do, I am speechless. I am amazed at how beautiful it can look when I have no artistic talents, and this was my first try. You DIY kit is very nicely done. Thank you!

In my opinion, Night Sky Murals’ glow-in-the-dark murals of the night sky best portrays the real thing. I have seen the most spectacular night skies on Navy ships, far out to sea. Now thanks to Jeff’s DIY stencils… I have it in my theater room, ready for viewing pleasure. You really have to see it to believe it.

Thanks again Jeff… The family and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!


(This is NOT a stencil Kudo (it’s one I got after painting a mural), but it IS very similar to what can happen to you. I share it to show what kind of results you can also achieve. These stencils are THAT good!)

Jeff, Tonight was the first night for my daughter to see her new Night Sky Mural. When I picked her up today she asked me, again, about going to the store to buy some glow-in-the-dark stars. I told her that we might do it tomorrow after school if she really wanted to.

While she was watching a cartoon before bedtime, I charged up her ceiling really well. Then, I turned her bedroom lights on, so she couldn’t see the mural, and told her it was bedtime.

After she came into the room and crawled into bed, I asked her to pull the covers up over her head and to close her eyes. I then turned off her bedroom lights and sat down on the floor next to her bed (she still had the covers over her head), and I asked her to imagine what the sky would look like if we were out camping and looking up into the stars. We talked about that for a few minutes and then I told her to pull the sheets down from over her head.

As she was pulling the sheets down she was still talking to me… but then stopped mid-sentence. She was very quite for about ten seconds and then she said “Daddy, do you see this?!” It was dark and I couldn’t see her expression, but the wonderment in her voice told the story.

She got out of bed and we laid on our backs, looking up at the night sky, for about an hour. She was so excited as she pointed things out to me. She kept saying how much she loved it and couldn’t wait to tell all her friends and family about it.

When I finally insisted she get back into bed to get some sleep she said “Daddy, please don’t turn my night light on. I want to look at the stars until I fall asleep”. I have a feeling she will never want to use her night light again.

Thanks Jeff, you made my daughter a very happy little girl. She said she will never forget tonight. Neither will I…

The kit is , and the results that I am getting thus far are amazing to my hubby and me.   

You are making me look very good for my hubby. He is quite impressed with the mural I am painting.

I am sort of wishing I had picked up the black light flashlight, and not just the tube black light, to make it easier, and lighter, to double check where I’ve already painted my stars.


Hi Jeff,

I spent about 13 hours, total, using your DIY stencil … one full night, starting at 9PM, and then a few hours the next evening.  My kids absolutely love it!!!

Within few seconds of letting my kids see the mural, my six year old found me in the dark, gave me a big hug and said, “Daddy, if you ever get fired… don’t stop doing this kind of stuff” My 9 year old was instantly lost in the space and fell asleep within 3 minutes.

A Big thank you, Jeff!!!


I just wanted to write a note to tell you how much I appreciate you now offering your Night Sky Mural kits for those that aren’t able to have the work professionally done by you. I have done extensive research with all the other star kits on the market beforehand, and what you offer is FAR superior to theirs. From the detailed instructions that teach you how to achieve that lifelike 3D look, to the customer service you offered if I had any questions along the way. To me having a great product is extremely important, but equally important is the customer service. It is clear that your goal isn’t just to sell these kits; it’s to have people be successful and have a gorgeous night sky.

The mural I just completed was for my son’s room and he had no idea what to expect, in fact none of the family did. I think that in their minds I was just going to paint some “cheesy” glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. Well, this mural is anything but that, and their reactions were all the proof that I needed.

I kept “peeking eyes” away from this project and I made the family wait until the reveal. That night for the reveal, my son lay down on his bed and waited for me to tell him to open his eyes. After having to wait a few days, the anticipation was almost too much for him. He waited. Finally I told him to open his eyes.

These are his exact words… “Dad this is so much better than anything I’d hoped for, I never thought it would look so real”. “It’s like you took the ceiling off of my room”. “I love this so much, it feels just like I am up North at the Cabin”.

Anybody that has had that experience of seeing that gorgeous and clear, starlit, night sky that you can only get by going far, far away from any city lights knows what he meant, and that was all I needed to hear to know that I’d done a good job and I owe it all to you Jeff.
Every night since then, the whole family crowds onto my son’s bed and we just stare at our Night Sky. The way they seem to twinkle just blows our minds. I swear it looks so real that my kids are waiting to see a shooting star.

Looking back, now, makes me laugh. When I first told my wife that I wanted to do this, she questioned if this was appropriate for a 13 year old’s room. She thought it might be more appropriate for a 5 or 6 year old. Well, she now says that she would be ok with me doing a night sky in every room in the house.

We are all blown away here because I am by no means an artist, but after using your Night Sky Mural kit, one would sure think I was. Your kit is so much more than just rolling paint over a stencil, but just about as easy. Thanks a million, Jeff! This kit was worth every penny.

Now on to the next room!!!

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