UV lighting/Black Lights

Glow in the Dark vs Fluorescent paint

Glow in the Dark & Fluorescent  – There’s a difference

Glow in the dark vs fluorescent
Glow vs Fluorescent

I hear people say, or ask, quite often, if the paint that I use in my Night Sky Murals or in the DIY stencil kits is fluorescent? I usually ask, “Do you mean Glow in the dark or Fluorescent?” Most of the time I will get an answer similar to this, “Ummm, aren’t they the same thing?”

Actually, they aren’t, so I thought

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Stencil kit

The Art of Stencil Painting a Night Sky Mural

The Art of Stencil Painting a Night Sky Mural

(If you would like to skip the little rant, then jump down about halfway on the page)

I was looking around at articles on stencil painting and I just couldn’t help myself from falling asleep. Why must everyone take something that has potential for fun, then kill the excitement with monotone text? Come on… creating an amazing, finished product is supposed to be fun for an individual, or even the whole family. That’s one reason that I decided to start offering a DIY stencil kit. I realized that, sometimes, people just want to be more involved in the creation process. Anyway, I will include a few

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