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We bit the bullet and bought your stencil painting kit


Jeff, I want to tell you now that my fingers were crossed from the time that I bit the bullet and ordered your DIY night sky painting kit, until I finished painting the mural. I can now say that that was all in vain. Holy cow did you ever hit it out of the park with this kit. From my wife, my two children and myself, please accept our sincere thank you for such an amazing product. I know you must hear that a lot, but we just had to tell you ourselves.

Before I sign off I just have to tell you what happened when we brought the kids in to see the mural that my wife and I painted. We have two daughters, ages 9 and 12. I charged up the stars while my wife went and got the girls to come and see the mural. She had them close their eyes and then walked them into the room and sat them on the bed. With the room totally dark, we told them to open their eyes. My 9 year old screamed with joy, but my 12 year old was quiet. I was worried that she didn’t like it, so I asked her if there was something wrong. She just slid over next to me and put her arms around my neck, and that’s when I heard her sobbing. I asked her what was wrong? In a muffled tone, she said, “Nothing, Daddy. This is just so real and I can’t believe that you and mom painted it for us.”

I guess that, in this case, thank you isn’t nearly enough.

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