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Never in my wildest dreams would I ever think that I could pull off a ceiling mural like I just painted.



Never in my wildest dreams would I ever think that I could pull off a ceiling mural like I just painted. Never.

As you know, we were switching kids around to different rooms and we promised them that we would do something special in each of their rooms. Well, one of my kids wanted a space theme in his room. After an exhaustive research, we found you and your murals. Well, they were a little out of our range, as we were having to do something “special” in three kid’s rooms.

We ended up ordering your kit for our son and I have to say that the kit, while very nice, didn’t look like much. Boy were we surprised.

Just last weekend, the kids, my husband and I all gathered in my son’s room to paint his ceiling mural. What blast we had. Everyone pitched in and helped in one way or another and we had a great weekend painting together.

Well, let me tell you. Your stencil may not have looked like much, but it turned out to be way more than we’d ever expected. The mural that those sheets of paper turned out were unbelievable! Seriously, the night sky that we painted was beyond amazing and all we could do, once we finished, was sit there in awe.

I have to tell you something funny. My son’s room was the first room that we did something “special” to, and guess what? Both my other son and my daughter want the night sky painted in their room too. So, your stencil just saved us a boat load of money since we can just use it again in their rooms. Sure, we need another jar of paint, but that’s a small price to pay for what we will produce with it.

Can you believe that my skeptic husband now wants to paint a mural in our master bedroom too? All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. The value that we got from only one mural was way more than we paid, but after we paint two more kids rooms and our master bedroom, we are in your debt.

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Born... a while ago. I grew up in the southern part of the San Joaquin Valley of California. We were two hours from Disneyland, two hours from the beach, two hours from the redwoods, and 1 1/2 hours from Dodger stadium. Life was great! It was at the beach and in the redwoods where my love of the night sky was born. Oh, and I love to smoke brisket... Texas-style!

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