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  • She was very quite for about ten seconds and then she said “Daddy, do you see this?!”

She was very quite for about ten seconds and then she said “Daddy, do you see this?!”


(This is NOT a stencil Kudo (it’s one I got after painting a mural), but it IS very similar to what can happen to you. I share it to show what kind of results you can also achieve. These stencils are THAT good!)

Jeff, Tonight was the first night for my daughter to see her new Night Sky Mural. When I picked her up today she asked me, again, about going to the store to buy some glow-in-the-dark stars. I told her that we might do it tomorrow after school if she really wanted to.

While she was watching a cartoon before bedtime, I charged up her ceiling really well. Then, I turned her bedroom lights on, so she couldn’t see the mural, and told her it was bedtime.

After she came into the room and crawled into bed, I asked her to pull the covers up over her head and to close her eyes. I then turned off her bedroom lights and sat down on the floor next to her bed (she still had the covers over her head), and I asked her to imagine what the sky would look like if we were out camping and looking up into the stars. We talked about that for a few minutes and then I told her to pull the sheets down from over her head.

As she was pulling the sheets down she was still talking to me… but then stopped mid-sentence. She was very quite for about ten seconds and then she said “Daddy, do you see this?!” It was dark and I couldn’t see her expression, but the wonderment in her voice told the story.

She got out of bed and we laid on our backs, looking up at the night sky, for about an hour. She was so excited as she pointed things out to me. She kept saying how much she loved it and couldn’t wait to tell all her friends and family about it.

When I finally insisted she get back into bed to get some sleep she said “Daddy, please don’t turn my night light on. I want to look at the stars until I fall asleep”. I have a feeling she will never want to use her night light again.

Thanks Jeff, you made my daughter a very happy little girl. She said she will never forget tonight. Neither will I…

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