Paint Your Own Star Ceiling That Doesn't Suck

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in your home theater

Why Suffer From...

  Racing Mind at Bedtime

 Decline in Romance

  Writer's Block

 Sensory Overload

 Inspiration Slump

 Mental Fatigue

 Poor Sleep


in your recharge/wellness room

Kicking Obstacles To The Curb

Our customers tell us their night sky ceilings are both visually amazing and incredibly relaxing.

Embrace Restful Nights:

Wake up recharged after peaceful, restful nights.

Ignite Creative Sparks:

Unwind under the stars, letting creativity flow.

Rekindle Love's Flame:

Deepen connections under an awe-inspiring night sky.

Easy For Kids Of All Ages, Even 14

Designed by a night sky lover for night sky lovers...

Enthusiasts of the night sky share an addition - a love for the cosmos and the quest for the perfect starlit view. I share this passion, as do my extended family of customers.

For me, my fascination with the night sky began at age 8, camping under towering redwoods. This deep connection, years later, led to creating Night Sky Murals. For over two decades, I've connected with fellow stargazers worldwide, bringing the night sky's magic into their homes. Our new DIY kit empowers our extended family to create their own stunning night sky mural. Together, we inspire awe, one star at a time. Join Us!

Featured in Prominent Media

Night Sky Murals in the press

in a nursery or child's bedroom

"Wow, amazing!  It took a few nights to finish the mural, but it was so worth it. Thanks so much!"

Paint it yourself and save thousands!

Fun For The Entire Family

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Real Stories from Real Customers

Night Sky Murals DIY ceiling

"I just wanted to let you know that I  

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My wife had our two daughters

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Stencil mural in dark

“Thank you for the incredible DIY star kit! We ordered it on a whim, not expecting much.

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Let's do this together.  Here's how...


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Discover a stunning night sky. Be the artist and be the coolest parent!

Want the magic of a Night Sky Mural, but in a smaller size?

We've got you covered!

4 mini-murals option

What does having Your Own Piece of heaven cost?


Full Ceiling DIY Kit


Because you want the entire ceiling to disappear so that you can enjoy the night sky twinkling overhead from wall to wall.

4' Circle Skylight

Stand Alone  $150  

Added to Full-Ceiling Kit  $75

Invite the wonders of the night sky into your surroundings with our 4' diameter circle mini skylight stencil.

4'x4' Skylight

Stand Alone  $150  

Added to Full-Ceiling Kit  $75

Elevate any space with our 4'x4' square, mini skylight stencil, bringing the allure of a starlit night indoors.

4'x5' Skylight

Stand Alone  $165  

Added to Full-Ceiling Kit  $85

Bring the beauty of the night sky indoors with our easy-to-use, 4'x5' mini skylight stencil.

7' Circle Skylight

Stand Alone  $195  

Added to Full-Ceiling Kit  $110

Indulge in celestial enchantment with our 7' diameter circle, mini skylight stencil. Transform any space into a cosmic sanctuary, immersing yourself in the captivating beauty of the stars.