Discover the story behind Night Sky Murals, sparked by a childhood moment beneath the enchanting redwoods.


Have you ever looked up at the night sky, away from the city lights, and felt that overwhelming sense of wonder and peace it brings? Those countless stars and the Milky Way, they captivate you.

That feeling sticks with you. I remember being eight years old, camping in the California redwoods with my family. That night sky, those stars, left a lasting imprint on my memory. Even now, they bring back a sense of child-like excitement as well as a sense of peace.

Night Sky Murals is born

That moment also sparked my lifelong love for the night sky. Years later, I wanted to bring that same sky into my bedroom, so I set out to recreate it over my bed. I wanted to sleep under that night sky every night, forever. Eventually, I succeeded.


That’s how Night Sky Murals began. I wanted to share this beauty with fellow night-sky lovers. Using glow-in-the-dark paint, I can capture the night sky's magic in a way that feels almost as real as the real thing.


Inspired by our passion for painting these murals, we introduced our DIY kits to share the magic of the night sky with you.

These kits aren't just tools; they're your personal guides to creating an indoor stargazing adventure.

With over two decades of experience in painting night sky murals, we've ensured that even those without any mural-painting experience can create a captivating starry masterpiece on their first try.