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Night Sky Murals DIY Box

Buy a Full-Ceiling Kit and add our smaller skylight stencil guides at a discount. 

Create Your Own Starry Night

with one of our DIY kits

Passionate about the night sky?

Create your own near planetarium-quality night sky using Jeff Stewart's DIY Kits. Renowned globally for his stunning Night Sky Murals, these kits, despite their apparent simplicity, yield a professional-level star ceiling that rivals the awe of a real, distant night sky – minus the bugs, predators, or long drives here...

Welcome to the era of indoor stargazing

After the successful launch of our first DIY kit, the Full-Ceiling kit, the response was amazing. People were impressed by their own creations. A few years later, we introduced 4 additional kits called "Skylight" kits, designed to create smaller murals. Explore the options below.

The Original Night Sky DIY Kit

New Designs.  New Sizes.  Same Ahhhhh's!!!  

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4'x4' Skylight