4'x4' Skylight

This 4’x4’ stencil guide doesn't just guide you in creating an ordinary skylight mural. The  design brings out unique properties that increase the amazing 3D effects that these murals have. Despite its stunning impact, it’s as user-friendly as our other Skylight kits.

Windows & Cassiopeia

This stencil guide is a favorite. Not only is it compact and a breeze to use, but it features nine 'windows,' with Cassiopeia rightfully claiming her prominent spot... just as any Queen should. (The lines were added to highlight Cassiopeia)

Captivate Your Little Star

Introducing babies to the night sky means you're rocking parenting!

Watching their eyes light up as they spot twinkling stars is priceless. It's like planting seeds of curiosity and wonder. And it's pretty dang cool for grown-ups too!