4x5 Skylight

Our 4' x 5' Skylight Kit will guide you as you create a good-sized ceiling mural made up of four larger windows that add a unique touch to any room when it’s dark. This kit includes two very well-known asterisms—the Big and Little Dippers.

The real deal

Check out this 4' x 5' Skylight Kit in action! It’s a customer-painted mural using our 4x5 kit that we’ve added lines to, to highlight the Big and Little Dippers. This snapshot gives you a sneak peek at the beautiful skylight, ready to softly twinkle in any room you choose


These 4' x 5' Skylights aren't just beautiful; they're a perfect addition to any ceiling. A standout feature, shared by this mural and all our kits, is their natural aid for those battling insomnia. For minds bombarded with rapid-fire thoughts as soon as their head hits the pillow, focusing on the night sky in a dark room is like slamming on the brakes to those thoughts. With racing thoughts halted and while gazing out into space, drifting off to sleep is quick.