Full-Ceiling Kit

Designed by a night sky lover for  night sky lovers.

Starry Starry Night...

Imagine stargazing every night in the comfort of your own home. With our 'Full Ceiling' DIY star ceiling kit, you can immerse yourself in the magic of the night sky whenever you’d like. Designed by Jeff from Night Sky Murals, this kit will guide you in creating a celestial masterpiece that will light up your nights with wonder for many years to come.


 You'll Be Guided step by step

There are six user-friendly stencil guides, precisely crafted and laser cut to help you recreate a beautiful night sky. Four sheets crafted to recreate well-known constellations (close to the accurate size in real life) like the Big and Little Dippers, Cassiopeia, and Leo... and there are two sheets (24"x40") that enable the creation of 200+ smaller, background stars per sheet, essential for creating the mural's magic and achieving a captivating 3D effect. (Other constellation guides are available as add-ons)

This kit will allow even novices to create professional-quality star ceilings without the need for any artistic ability, on their first try. In fact, the only artistic talent that you'll need is the ability to make a dot. That's it.

So Easy

Comprehensive yet simple video instructions empower you to recreate a professional-quality night sky. Jeff will walk you through the techniques that will guide you to create breathtaking, realistic 3D stars using tools provided and simple techniques.

Having your own starry night masterpiece in your home sets the stage for long romantic talks, captivating storytelling, peaceful relaxation, and even as the best aid for drifting off to sleep faster, especially for those with sleep difficulties like a non-stop, racing mind.

Subtle Glow. Pure Relaxation 

Our exclusive blend of paint ensures the perfect consistency for creating a gentle, long-lasting glow. It was crafted to deliver a realistic yet subtle radiance, mimicking the soft glow of the night sky.

Perfect for romantic evenings, watching a movie under the stars, or simply relaxing under the stars in the comfort of your own home.

Any Size

Versatility in design allows the kit to accommodate different room dimensions, enabling you to transform ceilings of varying sizes and shapes. You aren't limited in how small or large your ceiling is. So go ahead and create the night sky in a small nursery or in a large home theater. For our full-ceiling DIY kit, the size of your ceiling doesn't matter.