4′ Round Skylight Kit 

$150.00 $150.00

Explore our 4′ diameter circle skylight guide that is ideal for bedrooms, over a tub or spa. Elevate your ambiance with ease and bring a starry night’s serenity to life.

This Kit includes:

  • One stencil sheet (4′ diameter circle skylight guide)
  • Paint for 2-3 skylights
  • Tools
  • Video instructions

(If I’m hired just for the 4′ diameter skylight mural, the fee is $360. When added after a full ceiling mural, it’s $275. For $150 extra, paint as many as you’d like. That’s a sweet deal!)

Our 4′ round skylight stencil guide helps you to create a celestial skylight to any room. Perfect for bedrooms or any other room where you’d like a view into space, this circular stencil brings the serenity of a starlit night to any room. With its ease of use and versatility, this stencil is perfect for those seeking a smaller cosmic ambiance in any space where allowing the mind to unwind is the ultimate goal.

(For reference, if commissioned solely to paint the 4′ round skylight mural at a residence, my fee would be $425.  So, for $150, you can paint as many as you’d like. That’s a sweet deal!)


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