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Discover our Aqua Starlight Glow Paint—crafted to bring the night sky’s mesmerizing charm into any space. Setting itself apart from standard glow-in-the-dark paints, it offers a delicate, genuine, twinkling, glow, that’s perfect for star ceilings. This paint is beautiful, long-lasting, and it lets you add to the night sky’s beauty. Seamlessly blend it with our techniques or use it with our DIY Kits to craft realistic, breathtaking ceilings. Each jar contains 1 ounce, inviting you to embrace the celestial magic of your own night sky.

Night Sky Murals Starlight Glow Paints— is a meticulously formulated blend of premium glow paint that’s crafted to bring the mesmerizing nature of the night sky right into your Home Theater, Bedroom, Family Room, Wellness Room, B&B, RV, or Yacht. Setting itself apart from other, standard glow-in-the-dark paints, our paint embodies a delicate balance, offering a subtle yet authentic twinkling glow, reminiscent of a genuine starry night.

The versatility of our paint is perfect for painting star ceilings. In fact, this is the same paint that we use in our murals. Effortlessly customize your cosmic canvas by adjusting varying levels of thickness to recreate the intricate, natural beauty of the night sky. It is perfectly blended to work seamlessly with our painting techniques or our DIY Kits.

We take immense pride in the quality and authenticity of our product, making it the foremost choice for those seeking to craft breathtakingly realistic star ceilings. Experience the wonder firsthand as your ceiling transforms into a celestial masterpiece, evoking the timeless allure of the night sky. Embrace the magic—let your ceilings tell stories of the cosmos.

Paint comes in 1 ounce jars


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