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Transform Any Ceiling with Our All-inclusive Night Sky Kit! Includes stencils for 4 constellations, paint for a 200-300 sf of ceiling, tools for perfect results, and easy-to-follow video instructions. From youngsters to seniors, our kit offers stunning results, making painting a beautiful night sky achievable for everyone.

If I were to come out and paint your ceiling for you, my fee for a 10’x10′ mural is $1600, for a 12’x13′ it’s $2595. So, for this kit, which is only $245, you can paint as many murals as you’d like. Not bad!

Create a night sky on any size ceiling, no matter how small or how large. We’ve designed this Kit to be easy to use, work on any size ceiling, and leave you with a stunning night sky mural that you paint yourself.

These Kits come with the everything that you will need to paint a beautiful star-filled night sky.

  • 4 stencil guides for 4 constellations (Leo, Cassiopeia, Big & Little Dippers)
  • 2 stencil guides for painting the smaller, background stars
  • Enough paint to cover 200-300 sf of ceiling
  • Tools to get the effects that will make the mural look perfect and even twinkle
  • Instructions (video and written) – these will be in an email once the kit is in the mail

People tell us that they aren’t sure they can get the results that they want, even with our DIY Kit. Well, we’ve now had 2- 11 year-old girls use our kit with amazing results, and we’ve had a few people in their late sixties to early seventies use the kits with the same results. So… we’re pretty sure that even the skeptics will do a fantastic job if they will follow the instructions.

(For reference, if commissioned to paint 10’x10′ mural at a residence, my fee would be $1600. For a 12’x13′ mural, my fee would be $2595. So, for only $245 for this DIY Kit, you can paint as many murals, of any size that you’d like. Not a bad deal!)

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