Keychain Blacklight (395nm) 

$3.00 $3.00

Introducing our 395nm Keychain Blacklight – a practical tool that’s perfect for use with our Night Sky Mural DIY Kit. It offers just the right illumination to spot previously painted stars without overpowering brightness. Compact and portable, it doubles as a handy keychain light (or maybe I should say, it doubles as a tool for your painting).

Our 395nm Keychain Blacklight – is a handy addition to your painting toolkit. We sourced them specifically to help with our Night Sky Mural DIY Kit, this compact blacklight provides just the right amount of illumination, aiding in spotting previously painted stars without being overpowering. It’s a nifty tool that doubles as a portable light source when attached to your keychain. Perfect for checking your artwork progress or serving as a subtle light on-the-go, this mini blacklight is a practical addition to your painting essentials. (This isn’t meant to charge your ceiling, but to help you while painting)


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