Milky Way Painting Kit 


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Create stellar cosmic art with our Milky Way Kit! Featuring a specialized tool (Extra hard toothbrush) and pre-mixed paint, this kit elevates your celestial painting experience.

Easily transform your night sky mural star ceiling by adding a stunning rendition of the Milky Way with our specially curated Milky Way Kit. This dynamic duo features an extra-hard toothbrush, perfect to use with a pre-mixed paint blend meticulously tailored for painting the mesmerizing Milky Way. Designed to provide ease and finesse, this kit is your gateway to creating this awe-inspiring cosmic addition. It isn’t essential, but our Milky Way Kit offers additional assistance and specialized tools to refine and enhance your cosmic mural creation. Unleash your creativity and bring the splendor of the Milky Way to life with this painting companion.



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