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Night Sky Murals’ UltraDark UV 365nm Milky Way Paint infuses the ethereal charm of the Milky Way Galaxy into your home’s ceilings. Crafted meticulously for professional star ceilings and our signature murals, this hand-mixed paint unveils a celestial spectacle that mirrors the genuine brilliance of the Milky Way. Elevate your space with the gentle yet mesmerizing shimmer of authentic starlight, creating a cosmic masterpiece that evokes the timeless allure of the universe.

Night Sky Murals’ UltraDark UV 365nm Milky Way paint—a hand mixed blend meticulously crafted to infuse the celestial magic of the Milky Way into the ceilings of your living spaces. Distinguished by its captivating radiance, this paint transcends typical glow-in-the-dark variants, offering a subtle yet authentic shimmer that mirrors the splendor of a genuine Milky Way shimmering in the sky.

Tailored for professional star ceilings and integral to our signature murals, this paint allows you to effortlessly recreate the amazing beauty of the Milky Way. Each jar of UltraDark UV 365 Milky Way paint is perfect blended and ready to create the celestial river of stars with precision.

Our unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity makes it the ultimate choice for creating astonishingly lifelike starry ceilings. Watch in awe as your ceiling transforms into a celestial marvel, echoing the timeless allure of the cosmos.


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