UltraDarkUV365-10 LED Floodlight 

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Experience genuine 365nm UV lighting with our UltraDarkUV365-10 Floodlights. These compact lights offer authentic ultraviolet-A illumination, perfect for smaller spaces or skylight murals. Efficient, durable, and boasting an impressive 4W UV output, they’re versatile for indoor and outdoor applications. Plug-and-play simplicity ensures effortless usage, elevating your creative projects to new luminous heights.

The UltraDarkUV365-10 LED Floodlights – Unveil the Magic of 365nm UV Lighting!

Our UltraDarkUV365-10 floodlights provide the enchanting world of 365nm UV illumination in a more compact package. Like their 20W counterparts, these 10W lights offer a true ultraviolet-A experience, ensuring you get the real deal in UV lighting. They are the perfect choice for our smaller, skylight murals.

Key Features:

– Authentic 365nm-10 UV: Step into the genuine realm of 365nm UV light. The UltraDarkUV365-10 maintains the authenticity you desire, catering to your UV-A and blacklighting requirements with precision.

– Efficient and Compact: With a power consumption of just 10W, these lights strike a remarkable balance between energy efficiency and UV power output.

– Versatile and Durable: Engineered with an IP65 rating, the UltraDarkUV365-10 is built to withstand wet conditions, making it versatile for both indoor and outdoor applications.

– Brilliant UV Output: The UltraDarkUV365-10 offers a remarkable 4W of UV energy output, showcasing its impressive 40% efficiency, perfect for your UV-A projects.

– Plug-and-Play Simplicity: Effortlessly plug these lights into standard 3-prong AC wall outlets with a universal input range of 120-240V AC.

Awaken the luminous charm of your “skylight” Night Sky Murals with our UltraDarkUV365-10 and watch as the glow-in-the-dark paint and fluorescing additives come to life. Alternatively, use these lights to enhance any of your other creative projects, adding brilliance to both glow and fluorescent elements.


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