UltraDark UV 365 Blacklight Strip lights 

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Ultra Dark UV 365 Blacklight LED strip lights emit authentic UV-A brilliance at 365 nm. Our 5-meter strips stand out, offering genuine UV wavelength unlike misleading LEDs. Versatile and flexible, they elevate art, photography, industrial UV curing, and more. Experience true UV-A brilliance with UltraDark UV 365 LED strips.

UltraDark UV 365 Blacklight LED strip lights—a true marvel emitting high levels of authentic UV-A light. Our 5-meter (16.4 feet) strips shine at the real ultraviolet wavelength of 365 nm. Unlike other misleadingly marketed LEDs, these strips transcend the norm. Versatile and pliable, they’re designed for various applications.

From vibrant fluorescent artwork and photography to industrial and scientific UV curing, our UltraDarkUV365 LED strips are here to enhance your world. Delve into the authentic with UltraDarkUV365 LED strip lights—a beacon of genuine UV-A brilliance.


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