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UltraDarkUV365-20 LED Floodlights – Authentic 365nm UV Illumination! Experience genuine ultraviolet brilliance with these 20W floodlights. Perfect for enhancing glow and fluorescent paints, creating immersive home theaters, and illuminating artwork with precision.

UltraDarkUV365-20 LED Floodlights – Unleash the Power of True Ultraviolet Illumination!

Our UltraDarkUV365-20 floodlights are the ultimate 365nm UV lighting solution that provide the real deal in ultraviolet illumination. Don’t be fooled by imitations. Our UltraDarkUV365-20 LED Flood Lights emit true ultraviolet-A light, not the misrepresented nUV (405 nm), violet (420 nm), or purple (red+blue) LEDs that flood the market.

Key Features:

 Pure 365nm-20 UV:  Experience the genuine power of 365nm UV light. The UltraDarkUV365-20 offers you the authenticity you seek, ensuring you have the right tool for your UV-A and blacklighting needs.

 Efficient Performance:  With a power consumption of just 20W, these lights offer an exceptional blend of energy efficiency and high UV power output.

– Weather-Resistant:  Engineered with an IP65 rating, UltraDarkUV365-20 is designed to thrive in wet locations, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

– Impressive Energy Output:  The UltraDarkUV365-20 delivers a remarkable 8W of UV energy output, boasting 40% efficiency for your UV-A projects.

– Plug-and-Play:  Enjoy the convenience of a direct plug into standard 3-prong AC wall outlets, with a universal input range of 120-240V AC.

Experience Enhanced Paint Illumination and Subtle Home Theater Ambiance with our UltraDarkUV365-20. These lights are excellent for charging glow paint to its peak brilliance and enhancing fluorescent paint. When it comes to your home theater, these lights create a cozy atmosphere that adds a touch of magic to starry skies while enjoying a movie. With their significantly lower visible light output compared to traditional blacklights, you’ll have an immersive movie experience with minimal interference. Illuminate your artwork with precision, elevate your cinematic moments, and enjoy the subtler enchantment of UltraDarkUV365-20.


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